Gagnepark, a design, engineering, and construction company for steel and concrete multi-storey car parks, was founded in France in 2007. From the start, collaboration between Gagnepark and ArcelorMittal was established for flooring solutions, joists, and composite decking.

How does ArcelorMittal meet Gagnepark's needs?

Gagnepark is known for their efficiency in terms of both upstream sales and the carrying out of operations. As a general contractor, Gagnepark makes quality, price, and deadline commitments to their customers, and they require reliable suppliers who can be trusted to meet these conditions.

The constructions realised by Gagnepark have a structure that remains permanently visible. For this reason, a very high level of quality must be ensured both for the surface treatment and for the finishes of the products used in order to guarantee the quality that Gagnepark promises.

A sampling of ArcelorMittal's collaboration with Gagnepark

Designed by AREP and realised by Gagnepark, the ‘Loueur Lyon Part Dieu - EFFIA’ car park extends over seven levels and provides parking spaces for 721 vehicles. Located between an SNCF railway station, office buildings, and traffic lanes to the north and south, this allowed for very limited space on the construction site for deliveries, storage, and the movement of vehicles.

600 tonnes of framework, 15 000 m2 of flooring, 1200 m2 of roofing, 3000 m2 of metal, and 3000 m2 of gabion were used for this project. This car park is therefore a mixed-use structure with metal framework and concrete floors. The on-site work was minimised thanks to a large amount of prefabrication.

In a very limited amount of time, ArcelorMittal delivered more than 500 tonnes of 15-metre-long counter-bow joists, approximately 15 000 m2 of Cofraplus®60 composite floor decking, and cold-formed purlins for the roofing.

Future demands

Today, even greater responsiveness is required in the construction and finishing phases. Operational deadlines are becoming more and more constrained, and general contractors are forced to have hyper-responsive supply partners. Both Eric Raddaz, Managing Director of Gagnepark, and Nicolas Piancone, Gagnepark Project Manager, agree that Gagnepark can meet these demands in collaboration with ArcelorMittal. For more than 10 years our two companies have been united by effective collaboration, a common vision for the future, and by a relationship of trust.