Extension of the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport in Poland with cladding and roofing solutions by ArcelorMittal

Two new hangars, a taxiing runway, and a parking area constitute an important development for the existing Rzeszów-Jasionka airport, located in south-east Poland. ArcelorMittal's metallic coated steel was chosen for the cladding and Hacierco trapezoidal sheets and arched sheets Floline were used for the roof of one of the two new hangars.

Detailed information

Due mainly to the increasing number of passengers travelling to Western Europe and especially to the United Kingdom, it has become more and more important to secure an improved infrastructure that can provide proper service under these new circumstances. As the number of travellers increases steadily on a yearly basis, it is not only important to create new connections but also upgrade the existing flight connections. To be able to do that, a well-designed and professionally developed infrastructure is the key factor for success.

Extension project

In order to meet these targets, it was decided that the existing airport in Rzeszów-Jasionka would be extended with a new, 1800m long taxiing runway, a parking area that will allow for more incoming planes, and two new hangars specifically designed for completing all necessary maintenance work for the new generation of large-wingspan commercial airplanes. The two hangars with an apron, designed by the engineering office Mota-Engil Central Europe, are covered with a single roof and surrounded by monolithic external walls. They are designed as single-storey buildings without basements.

Metallic coated steel: attractive and aesthetic facade with excellent resistance to corrosion

ArcelorMittal played an important part in this prestigious project thanks to its wide range of metallic coatings and their attractive aesthetics. Our metallic coated steel was chosen to constitute a unique solution to create a remarkable facade for the larger of the two new hangars. With a length of 84m and width of 80m, this hangar will provide a service area of more than 6700 square meters that will be used for all necessary maintenance work for this new generation of airplanes, including the latest generation of the BOEING 777 aircraft.

Metallic coated steel forms the outer shell of the sandwich panels used for the hangar's facade. As time played a crucial role in this process, the panels were produced immediately after the coils were delivered from one of ArcelorMittal’s top-ranking mills and almost instantly delivered to the site and installed. This stage had to be completed by the end of summer 2013.

This metallic coated steel was not only selected because of its unique appearance, but also because it was a best-in-class solution in terms of combining a modern solution for prestigious architecture with excellent resistance to corrosion. Thanks to its specific alloy coating, it is not just an attractive but also a long-lasting solution in the modern aerial industry.

Furthermore, another business division of ArcelorMittal, ArcelorMittal Construction Poland, delivered roofing sheets for this project - in total 11 000m2 of HACIERCO 135/315 trapezoidal sheets and 11 000m2 of FLOLINE 40/0,75 arched sheets, fabricated with the same metallic coated material.

Project information

  • Rzeszów-Jasionka
  • Poland
  • 2011 - 2013
  • Client:
    Airport Rzeszów - Jasionka Sp. z o.o.
  • Engineering firm:
    Mota-Engil CE
  • Manufacturer - sandwich panels:
  • Photos: ©Mota-Engil CE