Innovative and sustainable steel sheet pile solutions for underground car parks

Steel sheet piles have been used for decades in the construction of underground car parks, and this trend is increasing as the demand for underground car parks rises in densely populated areas. Steel sheet pile walls are a sustainable solution for underground car parks up to three or four levels below the surface.

This R&D report explores design methods, vertical loads and bearing capacity, innovative installation techniques, fire design methods, design software, sealing systems, and sustainability for underground car parks with steel sheet piles.

Paper abstract

Vehicle traffic and lack of parking space is one of the main challenges for big cities. Especially in city centres, land is very expensive and the trend to increase parking capacity is to build underground structures. In this article, an innovative, economical, and environmentally-friendly solution for underground car parks built with steel sheet piles is described. Several aspects like fire safety, impervious walls, vertical bearing capacity, environmental impacts, and reduction of traffic due to construction vehicles are discussed.

Research paper, abstract, images:
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