AKILA® sealing system

Sheet pile accessories

Technical information

The AKILA® sealants MSP-1 (for single piles) and MSP-2 (for double piles) belong to the family of silane modified polymers (MS-Polymers). Both products resist humidity and weathering. Their main characteristics are:

  • single component elastic sealants with a density of 1.41 g/cm3 for MSP-1 and 1.48 g/cm3 for MSP-2
  • UV-stable
  • excellent adhesion to steel
  • resist temperatures between -40°C and +90°C (up to 120°C for short periods)
  • elongation at break > 380%
  • Shore A hardness after complete polymerization 58 for MSP-1 and 44 for MSP-2 (after 14 days)
  • durable in contact with freshwater, seawater, as well as various hydrocarbons, bases, and acids

Environmentally certified sealant

AKILA® is a brand new environmentally friendly, high performance sealing system for ArcelorMittal steel sheet piles. It is based on three sealing "lips" made of silane modified polymers (MS-Polymers) mechanically extruded into the free interlocks. These single component elastic sealants are resistant to humidity, weathering, and extreme temperatures, are UV-stable and offer excellent adhesion to steel.

The AKILA® sealing system is environmentally certified and suitable for contact with ground water. MS-Polymers are considered environmentally friendly as they are solvent free and do not contain isocyanates.

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