Polish company BUDMAX-METAL manufactures steel sheet products. They specialise in the production of roof and facade coverings, profiles, window sills, and flashings. BUDMAX-METAL also supply their products to manufacturers in other industries such as ventilation systems, lighting, and road infrastructure.

BUDMAX-METAL is a partner of ArcelorMittal's Roofing configurator

BUDMAX-METAL is also ArcelorMittal's partner in an innovative tool for roofing design. The Roofing configurator tool not only allows you to choose the profile and colour of the roof for a specific project - it also gives you the option to transform the coverage of an existing roof or to calculate the roof slope area.

A strong foundation

BUDMAX-METAL cooperate with their customers based on a strong foundation of partnership relations and a high standard of operation. Development is a focus as they implement new ideas and solutions with the highest quality of products.

They provide reliable service, professional advice, and pre-sale as well as after-sale support. They offer a steel service with a focus on longitudinal and transverse sheet cutting and rewinding coils. A modern production facility makes it possible to cut materials to size as specified by a customer.

Their well-established position on the market provides BUDMAX-METAL with the opportunity to undertake larger and larger projects, both in Poland and abroad.

The roof is the showpiece of a house

The overall appearance of an entire house is influenced by the roof. Apart from the required functional features, aesthetics are key. BUDMAX-METAL profiled sheets are made from the highest quality steel, which is easy to profile, and are available in colours that correspond with the envisaged design. Thanks to their comprehensive product line, customers can easily purchase a complete roofing system with all necessary accessories from BUDMAX-METAL.

BUDMAX-METAL has been cooperating with ArcelorMittal for many years, buying several thousand tons of steel annually for successful use in their manufacturing. BUDMAX-METAL products are made from organic coated sheets from ArcelorMittal’s Granite® range including: Standard, HDX, Ultramat, Storm, Quartz, and Wood. This wide selection can satisfy even the most demanding requirements.