Combined walls

Sheet piles

Combined sheet pile walls

Technical information

Steel sheet piles can easily be combined to form special arrangements and create systems with large bending resistance:

  • Combined walls with HZ®-M King Piles: HZ-M-12/AZ 25-800 & HZ-M-24/AZ 25-800

ArcelorMittal's HZ®-M king piles are characterised by milled grooves on the flanges and thicknesses up to 40 mm. Structurally, the HZ®-M king piles fulfil two different functions:
- as retaining members, they resist horizontal loads resulting from earth and hydrostatic pressures
- as bearing piles, they resist vertical superimposed loads

The intermediate AZ® sheet piles only have an earth-retaining and load transfer function and they may be shorter than the king piles. (Connectors: RZD, RZU, and RH sections)

  • Combination C1 M

Combined wall made of a sequence of HZ®-M king piles.

  • Combined wall with tubular piles

Tubular piles are the main retaining elements of this type of combined wall, carrying horizontal loads from soil and water pressures and vertical foundation loads. The intermediary Z-type sheet piles transfer horizontal loads to the tubular piles.

An extensive range with the highest resistance

Combined sheet pile walls offer outstanding resistance in an extensive range of possible combinations:

  • the revolutionary and economical HZ®-M walls with HZ®-M king piles as structural supports and AZ® sheet piles as intermediate infill elements
  • C1 M combined walls consisting of a sequence of HZ®-M king piles
  • combined walls with tubular elements and intermediary double Z sections