Seamless pressure pipes


Seamless pressure pipes

Technical information

ArcelorMittal seamless pressure pipes are produced through a hot manufacturing process in which a steel billet used as raw material is heated to a high temperature in order for it to become malleable. At this high temperature, the billet goes through four process steps: 1) The hot billet is forced through a piercing machine where the hollow section of the circular shape is obtained. 2) The hot hollow section is passed through a duo mill where it achieves final thickness. 3) The section is passed through a reeler machine for surface lamination. 4) The section passes through sizing roller stands where the final shape and dimensions of the tubes are achieved. Finally, end cutting, non-destructive testing (NDT), visual inspection, heat treatment, and end finishing are performed in a finishing area.

These products meet all of the EN 10216 standard requirements.

When pressure is key

ArcelorMittal seamless pressure pipes constitute the best choice when the internal pressure of the piping system is high.

The manufacturing process for this product ensures a lack of any residual stress in the cross-section, which is necessary in very exigent applications.

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