Seamless hollow sections

Hollow structural sections

Seamless hollow sections

Technical information

ArcelorMittal seamless hollow sections are produced by a hot manufacturing process according to which a first steel billet used as raw material is heated up at high temperature in order to make steel malleable. At that high temperature, the billet is passing through 4 process steps: first, hot billet is forced to pass through piercer process where hollow section of circular shape is  obtained; second, hot hollow section is passing Duo mill where achieves final thickness; third, it is going through Reler where obtains surface aspect; finally, it is going through sizing rolls stands where final shape and precision of tubes are achieved. Cutting ends, non-destructive test (NDT), visual inspection and eventual heat treatment and end finishing are performed in finishing area.

These products meet all the EN 10210 requirements.

For the most exigent situations

ArcelorMittal seamless hollow sections offer designers a tubular structural element absolutely free of residual stresses for those applications where toughness and/or fatigue are key.

Furthermore, ArcelorMittal seamless hollow sections complement ArcelorMittal welded hollow sections offer when really thick products are needed (reaching 50mm wall thicknesses).

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