Sheet pile accessories

Sheet piles

Technical information

ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling offers a wide range of accessories for their entire product range, including anchoring material, walers, fabricated piles, driving caps, etc.

Additionally, our experts offer full technical support from the conceptual design to the final installation process and additional features such as special piles, coating, sealant material in the interlocks, etc.

Corner sections, AKILA® sealing system & Tie back system

  • Corner sections: Special corner sections interlocking with Z and U-sections make it possible to form corner or junction piles without using fabricated special piles.
  • AKILA® sealing system: A brand new environmentally friendly high performance sealing system for ArcelorMittal steel sheet piles. It is based on three sealing "lips" made of silane modified polymers (MS-Polymers), mechanically extruded into the free interlocks.
  • Tie Back System: Additional supports at the top of sheet pile retaining walls.

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