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Technical details

Organic coated steels are synonymous with a wide range of colours associated with an endless possibility of surface patterns such as smooth, grained, embossed, textured, or orange peel effect. In addition, several finishes can be achieved: from matt to high gloss and even metallic finishes for interior applications.

In construction, organic coated steels that are applied on metallic substrates are based on:

  • Saturated Polyester (SP)
  • Polyurethanes (PUR)
  • Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVDF)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) paints

Layer thicknesses for external applications range from 25 to 60µm.

Only PVC coatings go up to 200µm, which allows for the possibility of texturing the surface with leather-like embossment.

Our range of ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products outdoor applications include:

  • Granite® 25 to 55µm thick paint coating systems with excellent durability performance, corrosion resistance of up to RC5*, and UV resistance of up to RUV4**
  • Solano® Nature 200 µm thick paint coating system with excellent durability performance and a corrosion resistance of up to RC5*

Our range of ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products indoor applications includes:

  • Estetic® up to 25µm thick paint coating system

* According to the EN10169 standard
** According to the EN10169-2 standard

Granite® HDX

Granite® Deep Mat

Solano® Nature

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Impressive aesthetics for buildings

As the European leader for organic coated steels (also known as prepainted steels), ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products offers a unique range of products for each application, building, environment, performance requirement, and aesthetic demand.

Moreover, we are continuously improving the potential environmental impacts of our steel grades. Most of our organic coated products have been certified with ECCA Premium® labelling.

For outdoor applications, our Granite® range and Solano® Nature offer a solution for each component of a building envelope:

  • Granite® HDX where outstanding resistance to corrosion and colour stability are required 
  • Granite® Silky Shine is synonymous with elegant finishes for facades
  • Granite® Quartz and Granite® Storm for extended durability of your roofing applications combined with exceptional aesthetics
  • Granite® Rain provides a robust system for rainwater applications
  • Granite® Impression with Granite® Impression Cloudy, Granite® Impression Wood and Granite® Impression Agate
  • Granite® Comfort with outstanding solar reflectance performance
  • Granite® Deep Mat with unique deep matt textured finish specially adapted for roofing applications
  • Granite® Farm with corrosion resistant coating specifically for agricultural construction
  • Granite® HDS for buildings in corrosive environments
  • Granite® HFX Cool for standing seam roofs in the cold environments encountered in Northern and Eastern Europe
  • Granite® PVDF for architectural buildings in aggressive environments
  • Granite® Ultramat specifically for roofing - a high quality and flexible paint system
  • Solano® Nature with its special corrosion resistance thanks to a 200 micra coating (ideal for northern climate zones) and leathergrain surface finish

For indoor applications, we suggest our Estetic® range:

  • Estetic® BioAir Mat made of a 100% biobased resin which improves indoor air quality
  • Estetic® Clean meets the most stringent requirements for cold rooms
  • Estetic® Flex for applications that require high flexibility such as HVAC, furniture, etc.
  • Estetic® Mat with a light matt finish with excellent resistance to marking
  • Estetic® Tex with a grained anti-scratch finish for robust usage

ArcelorMittal is the first steel producer to be granted a new label by the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA). The ECCA Premium® label ensures the quality and sustainability of pre-painted metals for outdoor applications. The ECCA developed this to differentiate between quality products that meet high European standards and inferior imports that do not.

The benefits of the ECCA Premium® Quality and Sustainability label are numerous for customers, developers, and builders in the construction market:

  • Long-term aesthetics and durability of colours: a defined and minimum paint system thickness is compulsory to ensure the beauty of a building.
  • Robust and resistant against harsh environment conditions: the thickness of the metallic coating layer is optimised to protect the steel substrate.
  • Creative design for complex forms: flexibility and adhesion of the paint are key to allow for smooth processing operations.
  • Sustainability: the steel used is manufactured in a safe and environmentally responsible way; free of heavy metals or substances of very high concern (REACH). Therefore, ECCA Premium® contributes to green building labels.

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