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Technical details

Organic coated steels are synonymous with a wide range of colours associated with an endless possibility of surface patterns such as smooth, grained, embossed, textured, or orange peel effect. In addition, several finishes can be achieved: from matt to high gloss and even metallic finishes.

In construction, organic coated steels that are applied on metallic substrates Z or ZM are mostly based on:

•    Saturated Polyester (SP)
•    Polyurethanes (PUR)
•    Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVDF)

Layer thicknesses for external applications range from 25 to 75µm.

Our range of organic coated steels for outdoor applications includes:

•    Granite® 25 to 75µm thick paint coating systems with excellent durability performance, corrosion resistance of up to RC5+*, and UV resistance of up to RUV5*

Our range for indoor applications includes:

•    Estetic® up to 25µm thick paint coating systems

* According to the EN 10169-2021 standard

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Granite® HDX

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Impressive aesthetics for buildings

As the European leader for organic coated steels (also known as prepainted steels), ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products offers a unique range of products for each application, building, environment, performance requirement, and aesthetic demand.

Moreover, we are continuously reducing the environmental impact of our steels.

For outdoor applications, our Granite® range offers a solution for each component of a building envelope:

•    Granite® HDXtreme: the latest prepainted steel in the organic coated range and the most durable organic coating for construction
•    Granite® HDX: where outstanding resistance to corrosion and colour stability are required
•    Granite® Silky Shine: synonymous with elegant finishes for facades
•    Granite® Quartz and Granite® Storm: for extended durability of your roofing applications combined with exceptional aesthetics
•    Granite® Impression: with Granite® Impression Cloudy, Wood, Agate, and Patina
•    Granite® HFX Cool: for standing seam roofs and facades
•    Granite® Ultramat: specifically for roofing tiles – with a high quality and flexible paint system

For indoor applications, we recommend our Estetic® range:

•    Estetic® BioAir Mat: made of a 100% biobased resin which improves indoor air quality
•    Estetic® Clean: meets the most stringent requirements for cold rooms
•    Estetic® Mat: with a light matt finish with excellent resistance to marking
•    Estetic® Tex: with a grained anti-scratch finish for robust usage

The benefits of ArcelorMittal organic coated steels are numerous for construction stakeholders:

•    Long-term aesthetics and durability of colours: a defined minimum paint thickness is compulsory to ensure the beauty and durability of a building.
•    Robust and resistant against harsh environment conditions: the thickness of the metallic coating layer is optimised to protect the steel substrate.
•    Creative design for complex forms: flexibility and adhesion of the paint are key to allow for smooth processing operations.
•    Sustainability: the steel used is manufactured in a safe and environmentally responsible way and free of heavy metals or substances of very high concern (REACH).

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