An architecturally sleek home in Granite® for sustainable aesthetics in a marine environment

Maison LGLB, a rural house in France, makes full use of steel to create an eye-catching, energy-efficient structure for family living. The unique home is situated in open fields, but is close to Tréveneuc, a community on France’s Brittany coast. To ensure sustainable aesthetics in this marine environment, the house is clad in Granite® organic coated steel in Jet black from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

Detailed information

Designed by Atelier Rubin Associés, Maison LGLB adds a dollop of modernity to tradition. The architects kept the old building as an extension to be used as a workshop by the occupants. The contemporary style of the new home offers a striking divergence from the older, more rural stone structure. With the upper floor perched at a jaunty angle, the unique shape of the jet-black house in turn creates a stark contrast against the open skies. A simplistic honey-coloured wooden deck wraps from the front of the house around the far side. On the other side, a gravelled outdoor space for relaxation functions as the bond between the old and the new.

Granite®: high quality and impressive aesthetics guaranteed

Granite® in Jet black was used by Joris Ide, a leading provider of steel solutions for agricultural, industrial, and residential buildings, to create the JI 18-076-988 wall profiles. The 250 metre-square house stands out in part due to these inky corrugated profiles that have been applied vertically on the lower part of the building and horizontally on the upper floor. As well as accentuating the graphic lines of the structure, the corrugations add visual interest to an otherwise solid black structure, in addition to drawing attention to the irregular shapes of the home’s windows that add a sense of depth.

The organic coated steels of ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products’ Granite® range offer an aesthetic solution for any component of a building envelope. Synonymous with a wide range of colours, Granite® is also associated with an endless possibility of surface patterns and includes several finishes from matt to high gloss.

The Granite® range offers excellent durability performance, corrosion resistance, and UV resistance. It is suitable for all types of environments, including marine environments like that of Tréveneuc. For example, Granite® HDXtreme, a unique 70 or 75 µm organic coated steel that was recently added to the Granite® range, provides efficient protection for buildings located close to the seafront and comes with a guarantee of up to 40 years. Essentially, the high level of protection provided by Granite® will ensure this striking new house endures against the elements for decades to come.

Positioned for energy-efficiency

Located in the centre of fields, Maison LGLB opens up to the environment with its strategically placed windows with their varied shapes that bring the outdoors in – including welcoming in the sunshine. The house is oriented to the south to capture the heat of the sun and with the living room facing southwest for energy-efficiency.

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