Flood control systems

Solutions by construction

ArcelorMittal’s steels for flood control systems include:

  • a wide selection of steel sheet piles ranging from Z, U, and straight web sections to efficient combined wall systems such as HZ®-M/AZ walls – available in XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel for reduced carbon emissions
  • sheet pile sealing systems, such as AKILA®, to improve the imperviousness of structures
  • Dixeran® declutching detectors to ensure against the loss of integrity of a sheet pile wall
  • bearing piles and an extensive offer of hot rolled section profiles
  • heavy plates in a wide range of conventional and high strength steel grades for locks and floodgates
  • Duplex stainless steels for specific water environments, such as high salinity

Flood control systems

Floods are the most common and most costly natural disasters in the world. Floods are usually caused by heavy rainfall, storm surges, or rapid snow melt and are becoming more frequent due to climate change. Their devastating effects not only endanger the lives of humans and animals but also cause significant environmental and economic damage.

As flood risk is expected to increase in the coming decades, efficient flood control systems are evermore important to protect our lives and surroundings, keeping damage to a minimum.

The most common flood protection measures have always been dykes, typically made from soil. However, growing vegetation and erosion can cause them to weaken and fail over time making reinforcement or rebuilding necessary.

Steel is gaining importance in the construction of modern flood control systems. In the form of sheet piles, steel can be used in a variety of ways for flood defence systems or bank protection. Steel sheet piles are one of the most efficient forms of protection against flooding and rising sea levels. They offer a number of advantages, such as ensuring watertightness, providing support, and stabilising new embankments or strengthening existing ones.

Steel sheet piles require less space, equipment, and manpower and can be installed quickly with guaranteed quality – even in remote locations. Sheet piles are ideal for temporary flood protection systems as they can be easily removed and 100% recycled.

Sheet pile protection can also be combined with floodgates and locks to facilitate water traffic.