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ArcelorMittal Europe offers very specific products and solutions for arenas:

  • Coated Steels, such as Aluzinc®, Granite® or Muralys®,with specific aesthetics contributing to the project’s architecture.
  • High strength structural steels, for long span structure, fabricated with Histar® sections or welded built-up shapes made of flat products.
  • Full range of Flat products for interiors and iron works, such as Enamelling steels for signaletic panels and floor plates for stairs.
  • Solutions for roofing and façade with specific acoustic, thermal and fire safety performances.
  • Processing centers are able to deliver directly prefabricated components.

2000 years after the first arena constructions, ArcelorMittal is striving to contribute to the next generation of landmark arena projects.


ArcelorMittal Europe has an extensive range of construction products and solutions that satisfies the very demanding requirements of arena designers and contractors.

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Arenas were an invention of the Roman Empire and some of the remaining ones continue to be used as theatres or for music performances; fortunately no more gladiator fights!

Today, arenas are always multi-purpose: they host sports events, modern or classical music performances, theatre shows and even company events. This means that construction has to be flexible, easily adaptable and durable, while also representing a landmark construction of a given town.

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