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Construction speed, cost efficiency, aesthetics and sustainability – all can be achieved through ArcelorMittal’s products. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our full range of flooring and roofing structure solutions, paying special attention to:

  • For the most responsive flooring - Castellated beams, as ACB® or Angelina™ to simplify service integration and avoid the issues related to any additional service zone below the beam level.
  • For the beauty of façade - Granite® HDX, for when colour stability and corrosion resistance is demanded.
  • For HVAC and interior - Hot dip galvanised steel with a pure zinc coating which gives excellent corrosion resistance and very good formability and also ArcelorMittal's range of Estetic® coatings, suitable for all contemporary interior decoration: ceiling panels, room dividers, decorative walls and lights, as well as for metal furniture, air conditioning units etc.

Our technical experts would be glad to assist in answering any of your questions, as well as presenting you with a complete offer, satisfactory to your expectations.

Commercial Buildings

The basis for growth and development is trade – the exchange of material and immaterial goods. Since the Phoenicians invented money, it seems that a certain monetary parity has been created.

Trading places evolved over many centuries -  from little outdoor markets to complex facilities, satisfying even the most restrictive construction norms.

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Nowadays, commercial buildings serve many functions – they’re often trading facilities combined with office spaces and big parking lots. They’re built in city centres, where the timing of projects has a direct impact on the functionality of a given street, or even the entire neighbourhood.

The least restrictive constructions, wide ranges in order to achieve the perfect common areas, significant heights between storeys, excellent ventilation, and finally – safety, aesthetics and economics – all must complement one another. The place must accommodate both ours and our families’ needs, and it has to fulfil all the conditions for sustainable development.