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Apart from aspects related to construction solutions, the academic facilities should also be recognized for their unparalleled aesthetics. For this reason, we offer a full range of façade products, which meet the highest technical standards, but also allow for unlimited aesthetic possibilities:

  • in our metallic coated steel family, Aluzinc® Florelis will serve the purpose of artistic realization thanks to its rare and remarkable metallic aspect.
  • Indaten® façades maintains a harmonious dialogue with the natural environment as requested by modern architecture
  • Granite® HDX is the perfect solution when colour stability and corrosion resistance is demanded.
  • Aside from the above mentioned, ArcelorMittal offers a wide range of panels and profiles with excellent acoustic, thermal and fire performances.

To benefit from all steel construction possibilities, we invite you to take a look at all our products and solutions and we remain at your disposal.

Education & Science

Universities and Research Centres – in other words, spaces that should have the most innovative construction solutions, proving and supporting the power of science and “know-how”.

As public buildings, they are subject to stringent technical standards of science facilities as well as the norms of modernity.

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Due to their specific purpose and arrangement of space (lecture rooms, large auditoriums - and on the contrary - small laboratories), the construction of such facilities should be as adaptable to their needs as possible. Large auditoriums, with the ability to split into smaller soundproof rooms, seem to be the ideal solution.

Arcelor Mittal’s solutions take into account the needs of investors, architects and engineers through some of the following products:

  • the castellated ACB® and Angelina® beams, that simplify service integration and avoid the issues related to any additional service zone below the beam level, also enable the design of vast column-free spaces or various solutions adapted such kind of project.
  • asymmetric beams, like IFB integrated floor beams or SFB slim floor beams, to reduce the global thickness of floors.

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