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ArcelorMittal offers an extensive range of efficient and flexible solutions for safe and high-quality aviation constructions. Among them, we would like to highlight:

  • HISTAR® - high strength steel sections and heavy plates, which enable long span and slim construction
  • Hacierco® - steel structural roof decking - made of prepainted or galvanised steel, used for ribbed roof profiles or for the green-roof vegetarial systems or combined with standing seam solutions
  • Granite® - full range of organic coated steel, combined with profiles or panels, which are used for facade and roofing
  • Estetic® coatings, suitable for all contemporary interior decoration: ceiling panels, room dividers, decorative walls and lights, as well as for metal furniture, air conditioning units, etc.

ArcelorMittal teams are happy to offer technical assistance to designers in their projects related to airports.

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Today's world is predominantly focussed on speed and efficiency. Time is of serious value; therefore, people don't want to and are not willing to waste it. This is one of the reasons why the air traffic, compared to other transportation modes such as road transport or trains, is continuously increasing. Government plans, related to the expansion of aviation projects, are rising above expectations to meet the growing demand of today’s tourism and business traveller industry.

The need to build and upgrade outdated aviation facilities, which would answer to the needs of a modern traveller and his or her maximum safety and security, is evident. ArcelorMittal understands the constant demand for progress, and it plays a significant role in various new trends. In the last years, ArcelorMittal has been involved in infrastructure solutions at airports worldwide including Madrid-Barajas Airport T4 in Spain, Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Turkey or Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Azerbaijan.

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