Structural steel grades

Technical information

Structural shapes in S460 are produced by thermomechanical rolling (S460M or S460ML according to European standard EN 10025:2004), a process that affects the chemical composition of the material, reducing its alloy content and thus increasing the yield strength.

S460 steels are mainly used for:

  • columns for multi-storey buildings
  • beams in short to medium span bridges
  • diagonals & chord members of trusses
  • seismic design: "clean columns" and stronger columns without costly web reinforcement

Weight & cost reduction

Using S460 grade steels for structural sections presents numerous advantages for multi-storey and high-rise buildings thanks to their optimum balance of cost and efficiency:

  • reduction of the size of the structural sections, especially for columns
  • lighter buildings with equal structural safety
  • better weldability requiring no or less pre-heating and less welding material
  • weight reduction of 10-30% when using S460 (65 ksi) instead of S355 (50 ksi): 15% for columns, 20-35% for trusses