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Since the very beginning, ArcelorMittal has been involved in multi-storey car park design and therefore offers a unique range of products, solutions, and expertise:

  • High-strength steel sections and plates for built-up welded sections in order to enable long spans and slim construction.
  • Composite flooring products, such as Cofraplus®220, optimising car park design and with a quick erection process.
  • Full range of metallic and organic coated steel products for open facades and roofing.
  • Processing capabilities to deliver "ready to erect" beams and columns to contractors.
  • Unique fire engineering and design support for designers and contractors placing software design tools at their disposal.

ArcelorMittal’s multi-storey car park solutions have proven to be a secure and reliable solution for parking and ensuring people’s safety. In addition, they grant investors the opportunity to propose innovative services.

Our solutions are also recognised as "light and fast," striving to reduce the environmental impacts of construction projects and are potentially dismountable at the end of construction life.

As a result of our partnership with car park designers and contractors, we continuously enhance our knowledge and product range capabilities.

Multi-storey car parks

Through research expertise and design knowledge for multi-storey car parks, ArcelorMittal Europe has developed an extensive range of products and solutions to meet very specific performance requirements.

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50 years ago, multi-storey car park construction was almost non-existent in Europe. In fact, it solely accompanied the development of transport infrastructure such as airports, railway stations, and a new generation of shopping malls and commercial centres.

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