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For decades, ArcelorMittal has been a partner of steel fabricators involved in composite bridge construction.

Within our full range of products and solutions, many are especially suitable for composite bridges:

  • High strength steels - used to design and erect lighter structures, which are more resistant, more economical, and have less of an environmental impact.
  • Thick plates - enhanced weldable steels with very high toughness levels in order to ensure robustness and long-life durability whatever the local conditions may be. In addition, they provide savings in welding and erection. Also used for bridge bearing production with improved flatness performances.
  • Weathering steels, Indaten® or Arcorox®, require less maintenance during their complete life cycle.
  • Sheet piles - for foundations and piles.
  • Reinforcement bars - for the concrete decks connected to the steel frame.
  • Prefabricated solutions - delivered on site for short and medium spans.

Composite bridges

Composite steel and concrete bridges are considered as the most robust and competitive solution for medium span road, motorway, and railway bridges. ArcelorMittal provides an extensive set of solutions that meet your project performance requirements.

In the last 20 years, composite bridges have become the most competitive solutions for short and medium spans in Europe thanks to the optimised combination of high-end value steel products for structural and concrete decking solutions.

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